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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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ero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models. >> announcer: live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> new evidence today that the couple behind this week's deadly shooting had been radicalized. but officials today say there's a lot of evidence that just does not make any sense. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> investigators released this photo of wife and accomplice in the california attack. today, a facebook executive told the associated press, malik pledged allegiance to the islamic faith on facebook. >> now, the shooters attempted to destroy electronic evidence, including two cell phones.
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both were recovered. investigators show extensive planning. late today, the family says they're as shocked as anyone else. >> none of the family knew of him as being extreme or aggressive or having any extreme religious views. >> abc 7 news reporter is live in san bernandino county with the new details that we've learned about them. >> the couple was renting this house since may. the landlord got control of the house again last night after the f.b.i. left their investigation here. they were all tied up and now was back. he made a highly unurn move. he allowed anyone that wanted to take a look inside this couple's home. >> reporter: inside the home, signs of a police raid, but also signs of family life. the items of a six-month-old
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child, uneaten food is what's left after the f.b.i. cleared the home. in the same setting of this normal life, agents seized thousands of rounds of ammunition. he and his wife tried to cover their digital tracks but couldn't erase them entirely. >> for example, we found two cell phones in a nearby trash can. if those cell phones were actually crushed, we have retained those cell phones and we do continue to exploit the data. >> a call made to other f.b.i. tash gets and study a facebook post pledging allegiance with isis. attorneys to the suspected's family say any connection to terror is news to them. they did offer this insight into a life that you can't see. >> his co-workers have kind of made fun of him, for example, and his beard. he was a very isolated,
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introverted individual with really no friends that we could identify. >> again, as we were walking through the home, i was standing next to someone who is not a member of the media. she told me that she was compelled to come here because she wanted to see what the house of a monster looked like. we're working that story for you now. we'll get her response with what she ended up getting out of this experience. it's pretty interesting. >> all right, reggie, thank you so much. the world is beginning to learn more about the victim ins this tragedy. we have pictures of all 14 of them. you can see them here. they ranged in age from 26 to 60. ten of the victims were county employees. one of them, the oldest 60-year-old isis amonious moved to after the u.s. from africa l for a better life.
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>> his upset about the fact that the majority of the muslims, you know, it's like they won't come out and do something about it. >> do you think he talked to faruk about that? >> he might have. i know exclusively, there was an argument and very easily could have been an argument with my husband. i wouldn't be surprised. >> information coming in from another news outlet says the suspected shooter had a heated, on-the-job discussion about the nature of islam just two weeks ago. >> our coverage of the shooting continues now on the abc 7 news app. and you can enable the push alerts to get the latest updates as the situation unfolds. >> a town hall meeting tonight on the police shooting of a bayview man. >> they found video evidence that may explain why officers used lethal force. vick lee joining us live now. >> reporter: larry, the videos
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have gone viral. and who have seen them believe the police shooting was not justified. but sources with knowledge tell us that they're seeing something different. >> i still can't blooeelieve wh saw. >> christian hernandez was waiting for a bus across the street from the shooting. he recorded woods final moments. officers yelling drop the knife numerous times. he appeared to ignore their commands. in the video, it shows an officer firing a bean bag gun. and then, seconds later, a barrage of shots. and woods falls to the ground. hernandez says he didn't see woods moving, threatening me towards the officer when he was shot. >> i didn't see him move rapidly. i saw him turn an started
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walking away. >> police have carefully analyzed at least two videos. this one was shot from a closer range. it's this video that police believe is revealing. the source says freezing four frames appears to show that woods may have raised his right arm with a knife before he was shot. and that the officer closest to him stepped back first and to his side before he fired. that same source tells abc 7 news that police chief greg sur will show the video tonight at the town hall's meeting. to support his position that his officers used lethal force once they felt their lives were threatened. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> i want to turn now to the weather. we have a live look outside. this is from our camera in emoryville. we're told rain is on the way for this weekend. >> there will be more snow coming to the sierra. after several inches of new
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snow, spencer christian is here now with our accuweather update. >> yes, there's rain on the way and snow and winter in the sierra. here's live doppler 7 hd. you just talk about snow. let's talk about current snow pack conditions. we are now at 51% of average snow pack statewide. it doesn't sound great, but compared to where we were last year, only 29% of average were off to a better start this year. okay. back to conditions from our exploratory camera. this is how the skyline looks right now. partly scloud day. partly sunny. san jose, 60, 59 half-moon bay. here's our camera showing waves of water as the camera moves, these are current temperatures, 57. 60 n fairfield. under partly cloudy skies, here's our evening flare.
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the entire evening will be partly cloudy. returning cooler after 9:00 p.m. and by 11:00 tonight, calm winds and partly cloudy skies. we do have showers on the way this weekend. i'll give you the time line on the isle e arrival of the rain in just a few minutes. >> an oakland teenager was given the maximum sentence for his involvement in the murder of a paramedic. >> killed during a carjacking in oakland. live with the details on today's sentencing. >> reporter: hi, larry. it was a very emotional scene in the courtroom this morning as david mcneil was sentenced. families on both sides were crying. it was clear there were no winners here. >> moments after a young defendant was given the maximum
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sentence addresses there is no satisfaction. >> it's difficult. it's not a happy think. it's hard for everyone. >> he was sentenced to 48 years to life for his involvement of the carjacking and shooting death of an off-duty paramedic who had stopped his car alongside of the road. mcneil's family left the court in tears. he was not the shooter but provided the gun. they were part of a larger group prosecutors say were on a two-day crime streak that included carjacking, robberies and two shootings. well, i think that at 15, young men are highly impressionable for that out-of-character crime spree. >> the alleged shooter ended in a hung jury. his retrial is set for next march.
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>> not only did he commit the crime, they saw him go over the ravine and they left him there to die. >> three juveniles have already pled guilty and will be released from juvenile detention when they reach age 25. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> 36-year-old of fairfield was arraigned today on charges of involuntary manslaughter, child endangerment and obstruction of evidence. her ten-year-old son stabbed and killed his stepfather last month. it happened after a fight between the two and got physical. child welfare services say the mother's actions contributed to the death. >> dropping charges against 14 black lives matter protesters who chained themselves in west oakland last november. it was related to a protest
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campaign and struck after a ferguson plif shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. protesters essentially apologized and agreed to attend training. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the battle between police and the citizens of san jose appears to be coming to an end. >> the tunnel closure that will mean big detours for bay area drivers tonight. >> 7 on your side michael finney on facebook or twit tore ask finney. >> you can ask at 4:11, how do you get through this? this is eastbound, left side coming westbound, going back into san francisco. either way you're going on 80 right now, it is very slow. stay with us. back with more on
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a labor dispute involving city em ply yployees and their pensions could soon be coming to an end. >> reporter: larry and alma, this agreement could save taxpayers nearly $3 billion over the next 30 years. but it's certainly not a done deal just yet.
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>> today, a spirit of corroboration was the theme at san jose city hall. city leaders come to a tentive agreement. >> i made a very concious decision to stay working with the city through these difficult times. i'm glad that we've done this and we'll be able to keep moving forward. i want the city to go back where it was when i first started working here. >> a pension reform and retiree health care reform forcing new employees to pay 50% of their pension cost and requiring future employees to select a lower-cost plan. lawsuits immediately followed. but the majority of litigation could soon be dropped after agt of the unions tentively agreed to an alternative framework, similar to the police and fire approving other the summer. >> what's critical for us is restoring our police department. we need to be able to hire quickly. we need to be able to retain the
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officers that we have and perhaps to attract a few officers back. >> the framework which is expected to save $3 billion establishes among other savings, a new set of lower-cost pension benefits for future civilian employees who will no longer have a health care plan, but rather an option contribution account. >> now we can focus a hundred percent on the services we provide for the residents of san jose. >> union members have until december 15th to accept or reject the agreement. should the city council approve it, it would then go before a judge to immediately suspend measure b. in san jose, chris wyn, abc 7 news. >> more troubling reports are coming out of the santa clara county jail. at least a dozen guards are accused of sending racist text messages over the last year. the text used racial slurs against blacks, la tina, viet m
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vietnamese and jews. >> police are reaching out to some people in the cities including fairfield, napa, navarro and tiburon to let them know their stolen mail has been tracked down. >> tunnels closed overnight. cal trans is shutting down tunnels to conduct an emergency response drill at 10:00 to believe the. all northbound and southbound lanes through the tunnels will close during
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the signs of warning was chainged to a zombie warning by hackers this morning. matt keller tweeted this video saying don't say i didn't warn you after shooting the road sign and reading zombies ahead. the sign has been fixed. >> okay. the cal tran holiday train getting moving this weekend. decorated with thousands of lights. this weekend, there will be carollers on board. the event kicks off tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. at the san francisco cal trans station. >> long-time abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings with the high honor of recognizing her work in the congressional record. >> she tells us her life story which truly is a model for women
4:19 pm
in particular. >> congresswoman spears said it's the highest honor she could give cheryl for all of her dedicated works of journalism in the bay area community through the years. cheryl will be stepping away from the anchor desk. after tonight, she'll be focusing on special projects in the community and overseas. of course, you can catch her every afternoon with cheryl jennings. >> coming up at 5:00, cheryl will show us what's still ahead for her right here on abc 7. >> now, what's ahead for us? spencer christian is it. more rain in the forecast? >> we do, indeed. bart of our weekend is going to be wet. i'll get there in just a moment. we have dry conditions now under a partly cloudy sky. but we'll see those clouds increasing tomorrow. right now, though, here's the view over sfo. and these are forecast futures. late tonight, tomorrow and early sunday with chances of rain sunday. here's your day planner
4:20 pm
tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds until noon. this storm is going to be a light storm. not so strong as the one we had yesterday. it's like a one on our storm impact scale. that means up to half an inch of rain in the north bay up to about a quarter elsewhere. so it will rank number one on our storm impact scale. here's our animation just after midnight, rain will be arriving up north down to santa rosa and then by about 50:00 a.m., we'll see rain reaching most parts. by 8:00 sunday morning, a little bit left. by noon sunday, we'll be drying out with just a few pockets of light showers.
4:21 pm
so our projected rainfall total calls for half an inch or a little bit more in santa rosa. notice hoich lower the totals are expected to be. starting at noon on wednesday, rain arrives late wednesday night, continues orr night. it will be wet for the morning commute on thursday. it looks like showers will linger through the day on thursday. it's going to be a bit soggy midweek, as well. we've got an active pattern now developing. overnight, partly cloudy skies. low temperatures in the mid to upper 30s inland. then, tomorrow, clouds decreasing by late afternoon. the accuweather forecast shows a break on monday. monday looks like it's going to be our driest day next week. and then chances for rain wednesday, thursday and maybe
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even a lingering shower. by the way, turns much cooler next friday. >> all right, thank you, spencer. coming up, are you planning on getting a christmas tree this weekend? >> i don't know. and you can choose fromrs brand-namealth plans, insurance companies you know. we help you compare apples... to apples. to find free, local, in-person help visit ♪ when you don't want things to break down,
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he was 85 years old. >> he was a great 5:00 tore. >> now, for today's gma hot list.
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the biggest and best moments, our friends at "good morning america." here's your 60 second hot list from gma today. hit it. >> thank you for being with us. >> look, i wouldn't be anywhere else at this hour. >> and you brought along assignments? i did because his tongue matches the sweater. >> i want to talk a little bit about this movie. >> it's shrouded in secrecy. i haven't seen it, but you have. >> it's really good. >> dwar ri, you saw it. what did you think? >> the tongue wasn't out of his mouth before he saw the movie. >> it will happen to everyone. >> this looks like my house. >> we love our mpets, but we hae the hair. try a dry dish washing glove. you take it and look at that. isn't that awesome? >> and now, those rubber gloves in my kitchen will go to good use. >> gary is falling asleep. >> gary is bored as hell.
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can you imagine? i've never fallen asleep during my interview. >> thank you. >> and that's today's gma hot list. we'll see you in the morning on gma. >> gary is hilarious. robin, george and the rest of the "good morning america" team following the abc 7 morning news. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. a reminder from the f.b.i. director. why you shouldn't be afraid to say something if you see something suspicious. >> plus, the mass shooting continues to dominate presidential politics. what the president is saying about renewed calls for gun control. >> a donation turns into a very ba
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here are the headlines now at 4:30. we're getting the first look at the woman accused, along with her husband, of a shooting rage in southern california. pledging her allegiance to isis on facebook just minutes before the attack. attorneys for the husband call her a typical housewife and say he was an introvert. abc 7 news anchor inside the
4:30 pm
town home where the shooters lived and investigators say they kept an arsenal of ammunition and homemade bombs. abc 7 news reporter has been looking at the weapons used in the attack. she's going to see a loophole that make these particular types of weapons illegal in california. why the f.b.i. is officially saying it was an act of terrorism. >> watch your cross fire. >> reporter: an attack is fired by isis. sources tell abc news, the wife of faruk pledged her ali jensz to isis on social media using an alias just minutes into the attack. >> we are investigating these acts as an act of terrorism. >> there's no evidence yet that
4:31 pm
isis directed wednesday's attack on faruk's colleagues that left 14 people dead. >> we are going through a very large volume of electronic evidence. this is electronic evidence that these killers tried to destroy and tried to conceal from us. >> lawyers from the family wa warned against a rush to judgment. >> it could be a disgruntled worker. every muslim leader has come out and said this is not a muslim act. >> a home ransacked by authorities left behind a crib for their 6-month-old daughter. they also left 6100 rounds of ammunition and 12 unexploded bombs in their garage. >> even though they knew he was muslim, they had no idea he had become radicalized. >> there's no indication that these killers have become part
4:32 pm
of a large, organized terror staff. encouraging people overseas and here at home to kill. >> the director of the f.b.i. today reminded americans to be aware of their surroundings. if you see something, say something to anybody in law enforcement. >> we investigate in secret so that we don't smear innocent people. we don't run over and bang on your neighbor's door. if you see something, we investigate. if there was nothing there, no harm done. if there was something there, great harm may be avoided. >> the police officer kilged in last week's planned parenthood shooting in colorado was laid to rest today. hundreds of people, family, friends, fellow police officers gather today to say farewell to 44-year-old garrett swayze. he rushed to the clinic to help federal officers who were underfire. he was from massachusetts and married with two children. two other people were killed in that shooting. the suspected is being held on
4:33 pm
suspicion of first-degree murder. >> colorado movie theater shooter james holmes must pay nearly a million dollars restitution. the judge ordered the payments, $955,000 and acknowledged the money will likely never get paid. he was sentence today 12 consecutive life terms without parole. he was convicted of murdering two people and tried to kill 70 more inside a colorado movie theater. >> it may soon be easier to track suspected extremists. this deal will give e.u. law enforcement agencies access to information gathered by airlines. we're talking about name, contact details. the european parliament is likely to endorse the deal over the next month. >> one of the caves hit by a gunmen in the paris attacks is now back open. the cafe re-opened for business this morning.
4:34 pm
five people were killed at that cafe. the managers say they want to help the neighborhood heal itself. >> the mass shootings continue to dominate presidential politics. trump has made it clear that even tragic events may hold a silver lining for his campaign. here's abc news reporter. >> i don't want to hear anymore about the president talking about gun control. >> reporter: the presidential hopefuls are rallying su porlters on the issue of gun control. >> we need bomb control. these people are building bombs. >> it's not a gun controlish you will shoo. this is not about gun control. >> making his case for second amendment gun right, ted cruz is schedule today visit a gun range saying today you don't get rid of the bad guys by getting rid of our guns. and while republican candidates
4:35 pm
are fighting gun control measures, democrats are pushing for them. >> if you're too danger ois to fly in america, you're too dangerous to buy a gun in america. >> yesterday, the senate defeated a measure that would have put anyone from the no-fly list from purchasing a gun. donald trump says his campaign benefits. >> sadly, every time -- every single time there's a tragedy, my poll numbers go up because they feel that i am going to take care of them and they feel they want strength. >> indeed, in a new cnn poll, trump is at his strongest levels ever. 20 points ahead of his nearest rooichl, ted cruz, who saw the biggest game from 4% in october to 16% now. >> that poll also found that ben carson has dropped by eight points. but the biggest loser may be jeb bushel who is now off of the leader board entirely. his support nationwide?
4:36 pm
standing on a minuscule 3%. >> some breaking news in freemont. a hazmat team has a drum of acid that is leaking potentially toxic gas. employ yooes have been told to stay inside and shelter in place. no reports of anybody being exposed at this point. but we understand a couple of ambulances are standing by just in case. we'm keep you posted on any developments right here on abc 7 news and on our news app as well as on twitter. >> still to come, darth vader tries to find a new job. >> i am the recruit you're looking for. the police department using the voice to find new recruits. >> i'm michael finney. still taking your questions on twitter and facebook.
4:37 pm
just search for michael finney. i'll answer those questions here live in just a little bit. >> you can see there's going to be another stunning bay area sunset. it will be followed by a partly westerly wind and i'll have the forecast coming up. >> at 4:37, people trying to get away. this is a northbound interstate 680. that's the heavier traffic. the oncoming trachffic making their way back into alamo and danville looks smoothder at this hour.
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levi's stadium getting ready for tomorrow's game. sky 7 hd was over the scene as the end zones were being painted just a short time ago. if stanford wins, they'll head to the rose bowl or possibly a berth in the college football play offs. >> a texas police department is turning to star wars to help improve its force. >> well, i appreciate your interest in wanting to be a police officer. what makes you think you're qualified? >> as you can see on my resume, i have ruled over the emperial force for some time. it's a great success in ruling the galaxies. >> what? i am the recruit you're looking for. >> the video was created as a
4:41 pm
recruitment tool for the ft. worth police department. but it's proving to be popular all over the country. it was posted on facebook yesterday and has been shared thousands of times already. we have it posted on ab spencer christian has the force. >> yes, he does. >> oh, yeah, we're going to getsome force -- well, not too for forceful, but some rainfall over the weekend. partly cloudy skies right now. clouds will increase tomorrow. as we look ahead statewide, it will be completely sunny and mild down south: l.a., palm springs, sabd yeah goal. we'll be getting cloudy in central and northern parts of the state. speaking of wet weather, tomorrow will be dry here in the bay area. we'll have highs ranging from the upper 50s to about 60. tomorrow night, the clouds thicken and the rainfall intensity here in san francisco will be at its steadiest, its
4:42 pm
greatest until about 7:00 a.m. looking ahead for the week in san jose, rainfall chances, 30% saturday, 30 pnt on sunday, 50 and 60% on wednesday and thursday. we, indeed, have a week of active weather coming our way. it looks like a wet pattern is developing and we welcome that. larry and alma? >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, you can really go green. try renting your christmas tree instead of buying it. >> can you pay text charges for
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pain consistency but minorities less-likely to receive pain medication. diabetes can take a toll on a person's health in a number of ways. the disease can impact vision, heart and nerves. teeth, too. a new study highlights people with diabetes with twice as many without the condition. one reason is there's a connection between oral health and overall health. weight gain with risk for babies. despite this, the risk of stillbirths and infant deaths is small overall. sports drink companies are getting involved while the products are still mish, they are gaining in popularity. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. >> well, if you're wi-fi has
4:47 pm
recently slowed down, you may want to turn off your christmas lights. christmas lights as well as baby monitors and microwaves can mess with your signal. 80% of in-home wi-fi problems can be attributed to outside forces. >> time now for ask finney. is whole celery included in the recall or only pre-diced. >> you're talking about taylor farms-specific. they're the guys. it's a voluntary call. and i don't even know if it's diced celery alone. there may be some of that, but it's mainly part of, like, in with some other meats. so the main thing to do is if you have anything with celery in it, give the store a call where you got it. cost-co, for instance, is taking
4:48 pm
the stuff back. >> linda asked via facebook, i'm missing five parcels i posted home for my u.k. trip. >> there's so many people involved with this. start with royal mail. they have a way for you to track your package. that's your starting point. they'll be able to tell you where it got stuck, hopefully. if it ended up over in customs here, then they won't even tell you for 45 days. after 45 days, they'll tell you if it's stuck there. and then you have our mail delivery service. so start with royal mail. >> either way, you could be waiting a while. >> oh, long, long time. >> a twitter user asked my dad orders a lot from tv. is he at risk from unknown
4:49 pm
charges. >> yes. they always have an add-on. you want to make sure he's being aware of that. and there are some ripoff companies out there. i've busted them right here where they try to trick you into saying yes. and they talk real fast, they try to get you to say yes to this and that. make sure your father is aware that he's ordering -- or he's going to be asked if he wants to buy more items than the thing he's calling to order. wait, there's more. >> yes. >> that's all the time. >> use a credit card. and, before 60 days, complain. even if they don't get it to you. just say never mind then. after 60 days, you can't do the charge back. >> oh, good to know. well, we are just weeks away from christmas. and that means a lot of families will be looking for that perfect christmas tree. have you ever thought about renting one? one non-profit is offering that option this year for people dreaming of a green christmas.
4:50 pm
>> bill and kayley are deck rating their first christmas tree together. it's a three foot tall spruce. >> it's about giving and everything, but people forget that it's still having an effect on the environment. >> a lot of treeing every year. it's hard to recycle. >> for $35, they'll keep their little tree for 30 days and return it in its original pot to our city forest. an environmental, nonprofit in san jose. >> it cost 15 to $85 to rent one of these trees. but you do have to sign a rental agreement that says that you promise to take can i recare of tree. if you damage it, you will have to pay. >> they do want to add a greener option. >> we're not trying to carry on
4:51 pm
the ideal christmas tree. it's more for the idea of helping the environment. >> but, for others, getting a freshly cut tree just can't be beat. >> it's tradition. i'm big on tradition. i think i'll always do it this way. >> it's not limited here at this lot. there are fewer than 200 rent-a-trees left. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> if you'd like to find out more about the rented tree program and our city forest, just go to >> the holidays are a time for choirs. one is standing, literally, taller than the rest. ♪ >> these are high school students from north shore michigan. they're performing on the world's largest singing christmas tree.
4:52 pm
the structure that they're standing on is 67 feet high. standing inside specially created uniforms to help create the illusion of a christmas tree. if you look at it from a distance, you'd just think it's a giant tree. but they're actually live humans, singing. that's good stuff. >> yeah, that is very neat. well, abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. up next, cracking down only donations. the city tries to clean up the mess around donations. and cheryl with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, a gun in the shooting rampage. tonight, the collision course between california's gun laws and the bold calls. those stories and
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love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. here is tonight's prime time line-up. last man standing comes on at
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8:00, shark tank takes over at 9:00 and then 20/20 at 10:00. o season. but the city says unpermitted donation bins are becoming a problem. >> they're actually turning into dumping grounds for garbage. one of thoese locations and what's being done. >> the parking lot where i'm standing, the old k-mart parking lot, there are four donation bins. the one behind me is got even a charity. many of these are unpermitted. glass is everywhere. the city wants your help cracking down on these bins. >> they seem to be everywhere. >> reporter: donation bins have sprouted all around san leandro. michelle and daris work near washington avenue.
4:57 pm
she's noticed clothes, mattresses, garbage. >> anything you can imagine is right there. they don't put them in the bin. >> following public complaint, the city is trying to weed out the unpermitted bins says as assistant city manager. >> only two organizations with 17 bins combined have gone through the proper approval process. the locations are on this city-run map. >> we believe there are many more out there that are unpermitted. >> we've seen this before in oakland and other bay area cities. but san leandro leaders want to be notified of locations so they can tackle the mess. some people say they'll just take items to vetted nonprofits. >> we have some here in town. >> by the first of the year, the stid plans to enforce the permitting process and clean-up. in san leandro, abc 7 news. >> that will do it for this
4:58 pm
edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> the masacre takes a new turn. tonight, a look at the woman behind the shooting. >> we are also going inside their terror layer. one neighbor tells abc 7 news why she would like to see the home of a monster. >> into the home of two killers tonight. tonight, investigators are going through the perm items of the shooters. >> we have uncovered evidence that has led us to learn of extensive planning.
4:59 pm
we do hope that the digital fingerprints that were left by these two individuals will take us towards their motivation. >> thanks for joining us. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> late this afternoon, investigators released this photo of one of the killers along with her husband. a facebook spokesperson told the associated press that malik pledged her allegiance on facebook using an alias account just minutes after the attack. >> investigators believe likely not part of a distinguished network. there were, however, phone conversations and others being investigated by the f.b.i. but they were not on the radar of investigators of the attack. family members were shocked. >> when they got word that an
5:00 pm
incident had taken place, they were worried about the health and safety. >> let's start now with abc 7 news live near the couple's home. >> cheryl and dan, from the outside, most neighbors have no reason to be suspicious of this family. when those same neighbors got to go inside today, their opinions didn't change. a highly unusual look inside the suspected shooters. what you koent see is what the f.b.i. already uncovered. thousands of rounds of ammunition, pipe bombs. in an attempt to cover their tracks. they weren't entirely successful. >> we do hope that the digital finger prints will take us towards your motivation. >> since m,


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